Top 5 beginner mistakes to make in Minecraft

It is easy to become overwhelmed by Minecraft’s vastness when you first start the game. Minecraft gives basic tutorials to players, but beginners still make mistakes. Minecraft is a survival-oriented game. It is important to keep yourself safe from any danger. However, there are some things that new players might do which can lead to their death. It is easy […]

Minecraft prison servers

Hi friends, I just started playing on a Minecraft prison server and I’d like to share this game mode with you. There are plenty of other game modes out there but this one really caught my attention. It kinda speaks to the MMORPG player in me to grind out gold and advance in levels to get to the […]

The best Minecraft server list

What are the best Minecraft servers around ? How do you find the best server for you ? What are the pros and cons of each one ? Well this Minecraft server list is going to tell you. The easiest way to start playing on a online Minecraft server is to find out their ip. Then run your […]

How to play on an Offline server ?

Cracked minecraft servers also known as offline servers are servers that sometimes allow players to play without having an official minecraft account. There are also some servers that combine the offline and premium mode, allowing you to play anywhere and anytime the way it suits you. If you want to play on an offline server you’re going to […]

Minecraft Force Op 1.9

Have you ever wanted to grief a server, or just give yourself free items that server? Well look no further! I have teamed up with expert Java coders all from Leak Forums, Nodus Griefing, and Hack Forums, so create the world’s first working Force Op! And no, this isn’t one of those “Do a survey” scams or one […]

Minecraft servers?

Minecraft is one particular game in which you can build any building, animal, vehicle, and so on. The game offers you all the freedom to make your World of gaming in the mobile or the computers daily. The game is quite handy to get all the best of entertainment in the home or in the offices where we […]

How To Make A Minecraft Server – Essentials To Know

Minecraft is fun but 800 when it comes to customize the rules of the game or have your friends to join in the fun what will you do? The obvious and only answer to this question is to have your own Minecraft server. Renting Minecraft server may not be familiar to you and neither Creating your own is. […]

Command block problems

So I’m trying to teleport a minecraft player based on their current location using simple command blocks. I’ve been trying to use /tp <playername> ~east-west ~up-down ~north-south. Whenever I try that, the Minecraft game teleports me to the coordinates relative to the command block. Is there any command that i can use to like this in a command […]

World save error

So I’m back to playing Minecraft. Me and my sister decided we are going to do a survival game, we used Minecraft 1.8.9 with no mods and everything was great, until the next day when I opened the world again and around 3 blocks length at the end of my house was like completely gone, including my only […]

Cheapest way to get armor in Minecraft?

As you might know on Minecraft 1.14 you can have pretty much all protections at once on each piece of armor. Of course that means you’re going to need a lot of XP and anvil to pack everything onto one piece of armor. Now my question would be, what would be the best way to get enough XP […]