Minecraft prison servers

Hi friends, I just started playing on a Minecraft prison server and I’d like to share this game mode with you. There are plenty of other game modes out there but this one really caught my attention. It kinda speaks to the MMORPG player in me to grind out gold and advance in levels to get to the end goal. I really think this is the game mode mojang should’ve implemented at the start to attract people who like a bit of structure and a clear objective in their games.

The basics of the game mode is basically that you’re trapped inside a prison and you have to work your way up the levels of the prison until you reach the final level which is freedom. There are a few approaches to doing this, the most simple one being just going out there and mining blocks that you think are valuable, the other way is trading your way up instead of selling to the server, you can go out and mine iron, copper and diamonds and then sell them to the players who don’t want to start over mining with stone picks. You can play with friends and mug people who have spent their time mining precious blocks and some people basically started running protection rackets, offering people help when they’re attacked in exchange for a “small” donation. It’s basically a whole separate ecosystem.

Minecraft prison game mode is quite a fun game mode, letting you experience Minecraft in a whole different way and it’s probably the reason Minecraft prison servers are so popular.