Can’t Find the Ender Dragon Egg?

Today after I defeated the Ender Dragon, I broke the egg, but it didn’t teleport anywhere I could see. I checked the entire 15 block horizontal and 7 block vertical space around the egg and didn’t see it. Is it possible that the egg teleported in the air and hit the portal and broke? That’s my only working […]

Paper for MC 1.14

Minecraft 1.14 Minecraft 1.14 released with new content and many system changes under the hood. Internally, this was actually a very large update. Many systems have changed. Chunk management, lighting, entity tracking, and a whole bunch more have been changed. Many of these changes seem to be technical improvements over the existing systems. Unfortunately, it appears that many […]

How to run a Minecraft command?

I have no idea how to make so that if a specific entity goes above or somewhere else in a specific kind block the entity will run a command. For example: a pig goes over a cake and if it goes over it creates particles. I don’t know if it is with the execute and if or other. […]

How To Copy Game From PS3 To Vita?

So I recently got a Vita (I know, I know), and have a great interest in purchasing Minecraft on the console. Now while I certainly wouldn’t mind paying the current price, the Mojang website says that if you have previously purchased the PS3 version, you can play it on the Vita without spending a single bit of money. […]