BadBoyHalo Youtuber

29 January, 2023

BadBoyHalo Youtuber

He is also a citizen of the United States. Many of his fans are confused as to whether he is Irish- or Canadian. He has kept his ethnicity secret. Although he may have completed his University degree, he has not yet revealed much about his professional qualifications.

Professional Life

He debuted on the channel with the video "MINECRAFT - THE LAST UPDATE". It was viewed over a million times. "MINECRAFT - THE LAST UPDATE", is one of his most popular videos on YouTube. This video was posted on June 21, 2017. It has been viewed 1,187,716 times. "I Hacked Skeppy's Minecraft Account," "Skeppy & I Won $10,000 In Minecraft Monday!" (ft. Technoblade), "BANNED for XRAY_," "Skeppy snuck us into Minecraft Monday (ft. James Charles")," "Minecraft But I Let My Subscribers Create My Texture Packs" and many more are some of his other notable videos.

MunchyMC is a Minecraft server that BadBoyHalo ( runs. There are more than 100 players at any one time and many game types to choose. MunchyMC ( has taken over any of MCPVP's game mode, including KitPVP. Players will be redirected to MunchyMC's KitPVP server. He streams every Saturday at 2:05 p.m. EST. He gets annoyed when people give him things such as "Baldy" and "BaldBoyHalo". His real birthday is unknown so his fans joked that every day was his birthday. He co-owns The Trio, which he and Skeppy own and where they upload podcasts together.

Relationship Status

He has not been involved in any scandals in his professional or personal life. Although he has maintained a clean profile and has been supported by his god friend, Skeepy, he has been rolled both by fellow Youtubers such as Skeepy.

Social networking and Body Dimensions

He also has more than 106k Instagram followers and about 1.6k Facebook friends. He already has a Youtube channel with more than 732k subscribers. He also recently launched an online shop.