Best Minecraft Bedrock Texture Packs

20 January, 2023

Best Minecraft Bedrock Texture Packs

What are the best Minecraft Bedrock texture packs? A texture pack is the best way to make Minecraft more fun. If you play on Minecraft Bedrock, the majority of the great options are locked behind real cash that you have to spend in the Minecraft Marketplace. Below is a list of the top free texture packs that work with Minecraft 1.18.

These are the top Minecraft Bedrock texture packs

You will have to choose from a smaller selection of texture packs for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. There are many texture packs for Bedrock, but they can only be found on Minecraft Marketplace. You will need to purchase them using Minecraft Coins.

Below is a list of the top Minecraft Bedrock resource packs and texture packs that we have found online. No matter what style you are looking for, you will likely find the right texture pack below.


You could mistake Compromise with vanilla Minecraft from a distance. This is due to how close the pack stays to the original textures. The differences are obvious when you get up close. It is subtle but very pleasant and easy to enjoy, especially when combined with a top Minecraft shader pack.

Bare Bones

Despite its flat surface, it's not a lazy pack. Every block type has little details, from Wood to Copper. These details add character and flair to the world. It's a great texture pack that is clear and vibrant. It's especially good for PvP Minecraft servers because of its crispness at long distances.


PastelCraft is another pack which doesn't bother to make the textures more realist than vanilla. However, it goes in a completely different direction to make your world look amazing and new. These colours can make even a trip into the Nether to find Potion ingredients feel calm. Grab some Soul Sand and Wither Skulls while you're there so you can take on the Wither boss in your pastel, crisp world. If you win, make sure you grab the Nether Star as you will need it to make a beacon.

Jehkoba's Fantasy

Each block has a lot of contrast, making Jehkoba Fantasy texture pack bold and powerful. This pack is great for making your house plans and building ideas a reality.

Love and tolerance

All Minecraft mobs, from the Bees and Axolotls, look adorable. Even hostile mobs such as Skeletons and Slimes are charming in the Love and Tolerance Pack.

Paper Cut-Out

If you plan on exploring the wilderness, or have a map of Minecraft that you need to fill out, then you might want to consider purchasing the Paper Cut-Out texture pack. Then give the Paper Cut-Out texture package a shot. You might discover a new favorite.

DePixel Bedrock Lite

However, higher-resolution textures can be more draining on your device's resources. One of the many Minecraft mods available can be used to track your frames per second and see how each pack runs on your device.