How to find Minecraft Netherite

8 December, 2022

How to find Minecraft Netherite

It is important to know how to obtain Minecraft Netherite and what it can do for you. Netherite is essential to your ability to create the best tools in Minecraft. It can be difficult to acquire Netherite and then upgrade your tools. You will need to explore the Nether to find Ancient Debris. Once you have found it, you will need to process it in a few different ways before you can get any Netherite ingots. Although it is a lot of work, it can be well worth it if your goal is to tackle the most difficult Minecraft foes. Netherite is a stronger and more durable material than Diamonds. This guide will help you find, craft, and use Minecraft Netherite if you want to create the most difficult tools in Minecraft.

How to get netherite in Minecraft

Unfortunately, netherite mining is not as easy as just finding the ore. It is a material that must crafted into ingots, and requires high-quality tools. Knowing how to find Minecraft Diamonds is also important. You will need to find Ancient Debris in your Nether, smelt it and then combine the scraps of Gold with the Netherite Ingots to make Netherite Ingots. These can be used to craft. It is a tedious process so we have broken each step down below.

How to Find Ancient Debris in Minecraft

Once you have a Diamond Pickaxe, you can create a Nether portal and reach the hellish dimension. Here's what to do:

You will need a Diamond Pickaxe to mine at minimum 10 Obsidian blocks and create a Nether portal. Your portal should be at least four blocks wide by five blocks high, but you can leave out the corners.
Search the Nether for Ancient Debris

Ancient Debris can only be mined with a Diamond Pickaxe or a Netherite Pickaxe. We assume you don't yet have one. It spawns in small groups, similar to Lapis Lazuli, and each block you mine goes straight into your inventory, ready to be smelted.

Get Netherite Scaps by Smelling Ancient Debris

To smelt Ancient Debris Blocks into Netherite Scraps, you need to place them in a furnace or blast furnace that has enough fuel. One Ancient Debris block can be converted to one Netherite scrap by melting it.

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To find the appropriate Y-level for mining, ensure you have your coordinates visible when you visit your Nether portal. Note your Nether portal's coordinates to ensure you get home!

Ancient Debris can spawn from veins of 1-3 blocks at the Y-level 8-22, and veins of 1 or 2, at the Y-axis 8-199. If you want to obtain as much Ancient Debris possible, you will need to mine between Y8 and Y22 as these Y-level ranges overlap. You will need to mine the Nether to find Ancient Debris, which cannot spawn in open air.

How to make Netherite Ingots

Once you have melted your Ancient Debris to create Netherite Scraps you can turn them into Netherite Ingots. You can combine four Netherite scraps with four Gold Ingots at your crafting table - considering how much mining you have done, you should have plenty of Gold around - and you will create one Netherite Ingot. You can also find Ancient Debris Blocks, Netherite Scraps and even Netherite Ingots inside lootable chests located in Bastion Remnants structures in The Nether.

Netherite Ingots are very difficult to make due to the poor conversion ratio. This means that for every four Ancient Debris block you mine, you will only get one Netherite Ingot. Exploring Bastion Remnants is a great way to find more materials or the ingots if you're really fortunate. It also allows you to upgrade a lot of your tools and equipment to Netherite-quality.

How to use Netherite for upgrading tools

This guide will provide a detailed explanation of the topic. To upgrade your Netherite Ingot to an armor piece or tool, you can use one Netherite ingot and a Diamond tool. This is a good idea as Netherite tools are the most durable in the game and can mine blocks slightly more quickly.