Minecraft Caves and Cliffs

20 October, 2022

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs

The Mojang Team confirmed at Minecraft Live 2020 that the next major expansion, officially the 1.17 update, to the game's most beloved game, would be called "Caves and Cliffs".

Following the huge success of the 2020 Nether Update's 2020 Nether Update, "Caves and Cliffs" looks to be massive.

Fans are clearly excited about this update, which will transform what has historically been a very underappreciated area of the game: the underground caves.

After the 1.17 update, these once dead areas will be given new life. This is not all.

The game's many mountainous regions will also receive plenty of TLC. However, fairness dictates that this expansion is all about what's below the surface.

Let's get to the point.

1.17 Update Release Date

April 14th Update- Mojang has announced that the 1.17 update will be released in two parts. More information is below.

Original Story During Minecraft Live 2020 Mojang stated that the 1.17 update will be released in mid-2021.

It is unclear if the developers will be able to maintain this promised launch period, which is a rough estimate. Many games and expansions that were planned for 2021 have been delayed by the global COVID pandemic.

We wouldn't be surprised if the update 1.17 was delayed for at least a few months.

The game is still being updated with beta updates and testing new features. It's possible that it will arrive in mid-2021, as promised.

Update 1.17 will be available simultaneously on all platforms.

1.17 Update To Release in Two Parts

The first part will be released in Summer 2021. However, the second part will launch in Holiday 2021.

Mojang stated that the new release schedule was "the result of taking up our most ambitious update yet while our team continues to navigate the challenges associated with working remotely."

It was then announced that would be added to the announcement: "By giving our developers some extra time, we will be able they will deliver an array of exciting features without having to compromise on quality, reliability or functionality for players."

The link will take you to the complete statement regarding the new release schedule of Minecraft Caves & Cliffs.

1.17 Beta Access

Caves and Cliffs 1.17 new Features

1.17 New Mobs

The Warden

Any vibrations from footsteps, thrown objects, or footsteps will be red to a bull. You can sneak around the Warden but you will need to be careful.

They can sense you even though they are blind. However, once they do, they can be extremely fast and really wreck your health. They can also ignore armour, making them even more dangerous.

It will take a lot of practice to get used to this mob.


To explore the underwater caves, you'll need to catch them with a bucket. They can be used to attack your enemies and even better, they can be played dead to recover their health.

It has been confirmed that they will attack the following enemies: guardians, drowned, squids glow squids, fish, and drowned.


You can't be annoying enough to make them mad and they will rip you off the mountain. Keep them on their good side. It has been said that Goats can drop a Goat Horn if they ram into a block.

1.17 New Biomes

Noise Caves

The Cheese caves are larger caverns, while the Spaghetti caves can be found in very long and narrow places.

Lush Caves

Lush Caves will be covered in moss with cave vines and glowberries growing on the ceiling. For a small hunger meter increase, you can eat glowberries.

According to our sources, to find the new Lush Caves we need to look out for Azalea trees.

These will indicate Lush Caves below.

Dripstone Caves

This is the Dripstone Caves biome.

Deep Dark

We know that the 'Deep Dark" will contain some new items and mobs. With a name like Deep Dark', we are certain it will be very scary!

1.17 New Blocks

Amethyst blocks

These new Crystals are required if you wish to craft the game's Telescope. This is a device that allows you to see faraway objects.

Copper Blocks

It is a little like Iron and can be found within ore veins. Copper will oxidize over time and turn to a turquoise-green color.

New Candle

The Spyglass (Telescope).

It zooms in on the player's eyes, as you might expect.

Sculk blocks

Although it is not yet confirmed, it is possible that Sculk Blocks could be used in multiple ways in redstone.

1.17 Archeology system

It's extremely cool and allows players the opportunity to carefully excavate rare or fragile artifacts by brushing away dirt rather than picking at them with a pickaxe.

There will be several excavations sites scattered around the map, with chests near that contain brushes.

Brushes can be used to excavate various items at excavation sites.

It is safe to say that this will occupy a lot more of our time once the 1.17 update is released.

1.17 Bundle Items

A new feature called "Bundle Items" is available for Caves and Cliffs updates. It makes it easier to manage your inventory.

This will allow players to group similar items in their inventory.

Although the total capacity of these bundles is not known at this time, it's certain that they will increase inventory space.

It has been confirmed that these bundles can also be stored in chests.