Minecraft Chat Reporting Features are Staying

10 October, 2022

Minecraft Chat Reporting Features are Staying

Minecraft's chat reporting features and moderation tools were first announced last month. The community quickly criticized them for not being suited for the task. Mojang has stated that they will continue to use the tools despite some scathing criticism and reasoning.

MojangMeesh (the community manager on Reddit) posted a post explaining his decision. "We appreciate and value all your feedback, but it doesn't mean that feedback will ever change the design principles Mojang Studios follows - this includes upcoming reporting system." The second paragraph of the comment states that players have been commenting on complaints made by Mojang employees. Harassment is a problem, which ironically is the point of the reporting tools in the first place.

Many players responded to this comment by saying that they don't feel listened to. They consider every Minecraft server a safe haven and shouldn't have to be moderated. These features can be removed from your server using Spigot or CurseForge mods.

If there are no complaints or discussions about the features, it is understandable that players might feel frustrated. Many people have spent over a decade playing this game and feel that they should not be monitored. It's important to remember that Minecraft is a game with many younger players. Therefore, safety features must be in place to protect them. However, it doesn't appear that anything will change soon.

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