Pixelmon Generations in Minecraft

24 September, 2022

Pixelmon Generations in Minecraft

Do you want to install the Minecraft Pixelmon Mod? Minecraft mods have covered everything from Harry Potter to Game of Thrones, but have modders ever attempted to add Pokemon to Minecraft? It is true, and it was removed by The Pokemon Company in 2017. It's now called Pixelmon Generations and it's incredible.

Pixelmon Generations is a Minecraft mod that allows you to capture critters and bring Pokemon into Mojang's blocky world. You can find Pokemon in Minecraft's biomes, and you can fight, catch, or collect them all. There are shops, gyms and Pokemon Centres that sell all the critters from generations 1 through 7, as well as most of the ones from generation 8. The modders will have modded around 900 cute little beasts by the time they finish the entire Pokedex.

This Minecraft Pokemon mod was created by a dedicated group and is definitely worth checking out. Here's how to get Pixelmon Generations using the Forge mod installer, so you can catch them all on your PC.

How to install the Minecraft Pixelmon Mod

If you don't have Minecraft Forge, you should. It will help you get the mods that you need and make it easy to manage them.

How to set up Pixelmon Genersations

- Visit the official website of Pixelmon Generations.
- Go to the downloads page to begin downloading the latest version of the mod. Make sure you know which version of Forge is being downloaded.
- Once Pixelmon has finished downloading it, it should be in the downloads folder of your computer.
- Move the downloaded file to your mods directory within your Minecraft game directory (Users> Username > AppData> Roaming >.minecraft.>mods).
- If you don't have a mods directory, create one and drag the mod in.
- Open Minecraft Launcher and click on 'Forge 1.2.2' beside the play button.
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