Minecraft prison servers

Hi friends, I just started playing on a Minecraft prison server and I’d like to share this game mode with you. There are plenty of other game modes out there but this one really caught my attention. It kinda speaks to the MMORPG player in me to grind out gold and advance in levels to get to the […]

How to play on an Offline server ?

Cracked minecraft servers also known as offline servers are servers that sometimes allow players to play without having an official minecraft account. There are also some servers that combine the offline and premium mode, allowing you to play anywhere and anytime the way it suits you. If you want to play on an offline server you’re going to […]

Can’t Find the Ender Dragon Egg?

Today after I defeated the Ender Dragon, I broke the egg, but it didn’t teleport anywhere I could see. I checked the entire 15 block horizontal and 7 block vertical space around the egg and didn’t see it. Is it possible that the egg teleported in the air and hit the portal and broke? That’s my only working […]