Command block problems

So I’m trying to teleport a minecraft player based on their current location using simple command blocks. I’ve been trying to use /tp <playername> ~east-west ~up-down ~north-south. Whenever I try that, the Minecraft game teleports me to the coordinates relative to the command block. Is there any command that i can use to like this in a command […]

World save error

So I’m back to playing Minecraft. Me and my sister decided we are going to do a survival game, we used Minecraft 1.8.9 with no mods and everything was great, until the next day when I opened the world again and around 3 blocks length at the end of my house was like completely gone, including my only […]

Cheapest way to get armor in Minecraft?

As you might know on Minecraft 1.14 you can have pretty much all protections at once on each piece of armor. Of course that means you’re going to need a lot of XP and anvil to pack everything onto one piece of armor. Now my question would be, what would be the best way to get enough XP […]

Can’t Find the Ender Dragon Egg?

Today after I defeated the Ender Dragon, I broke the egg, but it didn’t teleport anywhere I could see. I checked the entire 15 block horizontal and 7 block vertical space around the egg and didn’t see it. Is it possible that the egg teleported in the air and hit the portal and broke? That’s my only working […]

Paper for MC 1.14

Minecraft 1.14 Minecraft 1.14 released with new content and many system changes under the hood. Internally, this was actually a very large update. Many systems have changed. Chunk management, lighting, entity tracking, and a whole bunch more have been changed. Many of these changes seem to be technical improvements over the existing systems. Unfortunately, it appears that many […]

How To Copy Game From PS3 To Vita?

So I recently got a Vita (I know, I know), and have a great interest in purchasing Minecraft on the console. Now while I certainly wouldn’t mind paying the current price, the Mojang website says that if you have previously purchased the PS3 version, you can play it on the Vita without spending a single bit of money. […]