What is the Minecraft Dream SMP?

19 August, 2022

What is the Minecraft Dream SMP?

Dream is one the most popular YouTube stars and fastest-growing. He currently has more than 16 million subscribers. He was gaining three subscribers per month in June 2019, but by November he was growing 600,000. After the creation of DSMP, his popularity skyrocketed. By November 2019, he was gaining 600,000.

His channel grew quickly due to the DSMP, which allowed storylines to travel across channels. It is not new to have a continuous narrative running through a series gaming videos and streams. Let's Players has been creating stories using games since their inception. Dream and his team have created a Marvel Cinematic-style universe where your favorite creators can act out with one another and you never know who might appear.

Insider was told by creator KianKSG that he enjoys the Dream SMP's storyline and roleplay. KianKSG has nearly 200,000 subscribers and creates almost daily uploads that catalog the drama and provide information for those who need it.

KianKSG stated that the Role Play aspect of the Dream SMP made it more interesting. "The server has a storyline, and each stream adds something to it. This is something that has never been done before by other servers and it helped the server gain popularity.

The Dream Team Wiki has over 600 pages and tens to thousands of words about the daily antics at the DSMP. Events are named like the "Manberg-Pogtopian War", which was a server-wide civil conflict, "The Manberg Rebellion", (where the European-filled L'Manberg stronghold had another war), or "The Exile Conflict", which was another war that started when two YouTubers robbed another's house. This led to a trial.

The DSMP's individual moments have been documented and has been viewed hundreds of thousands to many millions of times on YouTube. These channels are for those who can't keep up with the content but can't watch long streams of multiple hours.

KianKSG stated that the storyline is complicated and difficult to understand, which leads to many people being turned off by the idea.

The Disc Saga

DropsbyPonk has over 250,000 Twitch subscribers and had demolished Sapnap's house with 2.4 million subscribers. Sapnap set fire to Ponk's treehouse in retaliation. TommyInnit was forced to join the server. Dream took away two rare musical discs from Ponk in a retaliatory attack. He would return them only if Tommy stopped fighting and gave over a rare chestplate.

This triggered a series of dramas and attacks that lasted from July 2020 to January 2021. These discs would be valuable objects of power in the DSMP, and YouTubers would fight for them. Recently, TommyInnit, a YouTuber with over 900,000.00 subscribers, launched an insurrection on Dream's server, locking him in an unbreakable prison. These fights add a little tension because players only have three lives before they are officially dead.

The Dream SMP: The Impact

Even important milestones can be commemorated by hashtags. Awesamdude showed his face on Saturday, making #handsamdude the number one trending hashtag in the United States.

Dream's roleplaying servers extend beyond Twitter and affect other YouTube content creators. Uploads of Minecraft content are more popular than ever. They regularly fill the top page of YouTube gaming alongside juggernauts such as "Among Us" or "Fortnite."

Felix "PewDiePie", the most-watched YouTuber with 108,000,000 subscribers, has begun to livestream Minecraft without his face, for the first time since decades. Kjellberg stated bluntly in a recent video that "Dream, No Face Cam, No Face Show, Massively Popular"

Minecraft's simplicity makes it timeless and compelling. It can also be a platform where the personality of the player can shine through. KianKSG stated that Minecraft can do almost anything you can imagine. Every year, new creators are born which allows for fresh ideas that no one has ever heard.